Young Variegated Male

Variegated Fairy-wren
Young male

Highfields Falls, Queensland, Australia

Monday, December 23, 2013

Here's a young male Variegated Fairy-wren I photographed with Kevin Williams last Monday. I think I could spend all my time photographing this one species and I wouldn't get bored. They don't stay still however, and it's difficult to get a clear shot without twigs or leaves in the way. I think he is just changing into his colours. There was one adult male in the group and he was very rich in colour in comparison but more difficult to get in front of the lens.


Variegated Fairy-wren

Upper Lockyer, Queensland, Australia

2008-9? Maybe early 2009, January?

This beautiful little Fairy-wren is found right across Australia. This male was photographed in Upper Lockyer, south-east Queensland, so I think it is of the race Malurus lamberti.

Back in Niigata, last Saturday, October 5th, some friends and I went hoping to find migrating raptors at Yamamoto Mountain in Ojiya. Sadly, we didn't see any as I think we were too late in the season. We saw one swift flutter by but I haven't Identified it. According to the web, there were 300 raptors seen passing the mountain back on the morning of September 18th. Last year, I think I went about that time but I was too early! 

Anyway, hope this little Fairy-wren makes up for a poor Japanese raptor report.

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More from the Lockyer.

 (Above and below) Superb Blue Wren (male) at USQ Gatton Campus on Monday.
Unfortunatley photographed into the sun.

(Below) Striped Honeyeater at Apex Lake, Gatton also on Monday.

 (Above) Male Variegated Wren. Tiddelac, Upper Lockyer Valley. (Sunday afternoon)

 (Above and below) Wedge-tailed Eagle, Tiddelac, (Sunday afternoon)

Common Brushtail Possum (Tiddelac, Sunday night)