A Saturday Morning

Spangled Drongo

Michael Hare's place, Queensland, Australia

December 11, 2016

Had a great outing with Mick and Rod to Michael Hare's place again. It was a duller day and cooler than the visit on the previous Friday, but I think that's good for smaller birds. Fewer dragonflies but there were plenty of honeyeaters, treecreepers and friends along the creek. It was dull and challenged my ISO settings and I used a flash in some cases. I used the D7100 body this time compared to my D800 the week before. The subjects are closer but a little more noisy.

I also saw the most drongos I think I have ever seen and at least some were gathering nesting material. There were plenty of small nests about the place. 

I also got some pics of a female Collared Sparrowhawk and a Grey Goshawk but the files are plagued by dust spots on the sensor. Will have to get the vacuum cleaner out.

Sincere thanks to Michael Hare, Mick and Rod for a very fruitful outing again. It's a very special place and it was an excellent day out to enjoy the cooler weather.

White-naped Honeyeater

Black-faced Monarch

Large Orange Assassin Bug
(Gminatus wallengreni)

-Thanks to Rob Hobson

Varied Sittella

Daphoenositta chrysoptera leucocephala

Rufous Whistler

Eastern Sedge Frog

Litoria Fallax

White-throated Treecreeper

Rufous Fantail

Pied Currawong

Scarlet Honeyeater