Bird-Love-Care Centre at Shuinji, Shibata, Niigata.

Mountain Hawk Eagle, at Saezuri-mosato, Niigata Prefecture, June 2009.

It's raining again for the weekend so I've been browsing old files... Niigata gets 250 days of precipitation a year according to wikipedia. (Monday to Friday was beautiful).

Strange title to this post but we don't know how else to translate it. "Saezuri-mosato" (Singing-bird-village) is the name of a care-centre for injured birds at Shuinji, Shibata, Niigata. We visited it back in June, 2009.

There is a park, a museum and an area where birds that have been injured in the wild are brought-in and cared for. I like photographing wild birds but thought the fact that all of these birds are from Niigata Prefecture is interesting. I have seen all of these species in the wild here in Niigata but usually wild encounters are very distant. Especially for the eagles. I don't remember seeing any species other than raptors at the centre and only took a few shots. The 'cages' were very dark and I had to press my lens up to steel mesh barriers. It was also very hot and we were savaged by mosquitos. There was no information on the cages. I can only guess that these birds have been injured in the wild and will spend the rest of their lives here. The owls puzzled me as there was a an apparent clutch of young that must have either lost their parents or/and their tree. 

Last year, the female Peregrine Falcon that lived at the Niigata Prefectural Office was recovered with a broken wing and taken to this centre. I often saw her rocket along the river. -I'll have to go back to the centre to visit her soon.

Mountain Hawk Eagle

Golden Eagle

Peregrine Falcon

Young Ural Owl (I think)

Another young Ural Owl