Waders of Toorbul

Waders at Toorbul, South-east Queensland, Australia.
September 2008

Pentax K200 with Pentax smc ED 400mm f5.6

Some members of the Toowoomba Bird Observers will be meeting up with the South Queensland Waders Group this Sunday, March 25th at Toorbul, South-east Queensland. If I was around, I'd be there!

The photos here are from an outing I joined back in September, 2008. Waders are fascinating birds that are among the world's greatest travellers. I remember we were given information sheets that also explained the different colour-coded tags that some of the birds were wearing. I remember I saw some that had been tagged in Japan!

Unfortunately, I'm not good at remembering the slight variations between species. I always have to check my field guides to confirm identities, but by the time I swim to the other side of my fishbowl and come back, I have to look them up again.

I hope the weather is good and you all have a great outing.

Pied Oystercatchers

Eastern Curlews

Above and below: information signs on location

National holiday today with now pelting down here in Niigata. Oh, to see such colours!!