Square-tail in a Cloud

Square-tailed Kite

Prince Henry Drive, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

January 6, 2016

Michael Atzeni and I enjoyed a walk around Prince Henry Drive back on January 6. Such a special place with a number of beautiful species. The highlight, however, was a pair of Square-tailed Kites playing in the breeze. I ran up ahead and was lucky one passed right overhead, but alas, a single grey cloud cloaked the encounter and I watched the raptor disappear into the blue sky beyond the trees.

A Square-tail in the Blue

Square-tailed Kite

North of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

August 2015

Another exciting raptor seen with Kevin Williams on my August visit home. Unfortunately, it was a bit high but these are my best shots of this species since 1994. That's what you get when you live away. I have sighted them high and far away on other occasions but failed to get any shots at those times.

This one also seemed to be carrying nesting material which is good. Notice how long those wings are and the huge primaries. They are a unique Australian species and certainly not common. A nice encounter indeed!

Enter Australian Magpie

Australian Raptors

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment, 2008)

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment 2008)

Square-tailed Kite, (Oakey 1995)
 Square-tailed Kite
 (Oakey 1995)

Wedge-tailed Eagle
(Bunya Mountains National Park, 2006)

Wedge-tailed Eagle harassed by Australian Magpie
(Upper Lockyer Valley, Queensland, 2008)

Brown Goshawk (Immature)
(Toowoomba cemetery, 1995)

-Photographed with a Tamron 500mm mirror lens on Pentax Z-20 film camera

(As above)

Black-shouldered Kite
(Near Southbrook, Queensland,1994)

(As above)

Pacific Baza
(Capalaba, 1995)

Pacific Baza
(Daintree River, North Queensland, 2007)

Whistling Kite
(South-eastern Queensland, beach, 2008)

Whistling Kite attacked by Australian Magpie
(Toorbul, Queensland, 2008)

Eastern Osprey
(Toorbul, 2008)

Australian Hobby
(Toowoomba cemetery 2007)

Australian Hobby
(Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 1999)

Nankeen Kestrel (Also known as Australian Kestrel)
Jan Juc, Victoria, January 1992 or 93.

The camera was a Pentax K1000 with Sigma 70-250mm zoom lens. The film was Kodak Gold 100.

Black Falcon
(Toowoomba 2006)