Small Miracles

Red-backed Fairy-Wren male
 Upper Lockyer, Queensland, August 28, 2011

Michael Atzeni showed me around the Murphys Creek and Upper Lockyer area on August 28, 2011. It was my first visit since the devastating floods of January 10th. Can't believe we were birding there exactly a week before the disaster. I left for Japan on January 9th and learned about it when I finished my journey and put on CNN and the BBC and of course, the internet.

I have visited a property there many times in recent years and I was shocked to see the damage that had been done.  Watch this Youtube video of the the actual flood there.

There was a terrible loss of human life in the surrounding areas and irreparable damage done to homes and properties but when I saw this video my thoughts were for the Platypus that I'd seen and photographed just last year. It was such a peaceful little stream (creek) and I thought for sure they couldn't have survived the force of the waters. 

Lace Monitor
The photos above and below are from a couple of years ago. Looking down to the stream behind the goanna.

This is a cottage at the property before the floods.
Photograph by Michael Atzeni

Looking down to the creek. The flood well underway.
Photograph by Michael Atzeni

The flood increases..
Photograph by Michael Atzeni

..and increases.
Photograph by Michael Atzeni

The cottage survived. Right on the edge.

 Above and below: Aerial photographs by Michael Atzeni of the scars.

The cottage right in the centre.

In the centre of this photograph you can see the stairs that once were surrounded by trees and shrubs. Even the colours have been washed away..
Photograph by me on August 28, 2011

More photos taken on August 28, 2011 below:

Grey Fantail
August 28, 2011
 Even with so much damage to the surrounding landscape there were plenty of birds. Some small miracles..

Yellow-rumped Thornbill
and below:

Jacky Winter
ID'd by Michael Atzeni

Scarlet Honeyeater
(want a better pic of one of these)

Buff-rumped Thornbill
and below gathering nesting materials and applying them into the side of a tree..

August 28, 2011

It was great to see all of these beautiful birds there but the most exciting sights for the day were not just one,... but two (2) Platypus!!! The first time they had been seen since the disaster.

Let's hope things can heal...

Two Days at the Lockyer Valley.

Brown Falcon

Spent two days at the Lockyer Valley, south-east Queensland and saw many wonderful things. Here's just some photos.

Very excited to see my first ever Platypus. (I've seen them splash around before but I think you can recognise what it is in this pic).

(Above and below) Swift Parrots are a rare visitor to Queensland.
Very difficult photographic subjects too!