A Baza in the Sun

Pacific Baza

Michael Hare's place, Queensland, Australia

December 30, 2016

On Friday morning I met Don and Heath for the first time when they kindly picked me up and took me to meet Mick at Michael Hare's place. It was a warm and sunny morning. Actually I was shocked by how hot it was by 7am.

As usual Michael's place was alive with small birds high up in the shadows of the leaves. For me, the best encounter was with the pictured Pacific Baza. It was a bit ratty looking but still an especially beautiful hawk. Very different to what I'd see in the Niigata winter at this time of the year.

I enjoyed talking about birding lenses with Don and Heath. They are Canon men seeking advice on upgrading from 300mm to something with more reach. We talked about whether the Tamron 600mm zooms are worth a go. I was almost going to get one when I went for my new Nikkor 200-500 and was aware that Tamron released and updated version I think they called a "G2" in October. If you have any advice on any of the new super-zooms with Canon mount, please let us know your experience and leave a comment below.

I am getting use to my new zoom despite it's extra weight and 'front-heavinessness'. I used my D7100 and it did well to catch focus on the baza even with backlighting.

Thank you to Michael Hare, Don, Heath and Mick to a super-fine bird outing to finish the year.

In the sun

Ladies of the River

Estuarine Crocodile
(also known as Saltwater Crocodile)

Daintree River, Queensland, Australia

August 2007

Some old photos from a cruise along the Daintree River back in 2007. 

We saw some nice birds: Rainbow Bee-eaters, a Striated Heron, Brahminy Kites and Pacific Baza. 

I also recall some interesting crustaceans, but crocodiles were the most obvious presences. The cruise captain identified them all as females and we failed to find any big males. The ladies still looked menacing enough to me!

Pacific Baza
I have already put up one shot of this individual on a post a few years ago.
Sorry to be repetitive.

Where the river meets the sea

Australian Raptors

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment, 2008)

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment 2008)

Square-tailed Kite, (Oakey 1995)
 Square-tailed Kite
 (Oakey 1995)

Wedge-tailed Eagle
(Bunya Mountains National Park, 2006)

Wedge-tailed Eagle harassed by Australian Magpie
(Upper Lockyer Valley, Queensland, 2008)

Brown Goshawk (Immature)
(Toowoomba cemetery, 1995)

-Photographed with a Tamron 500mm mirror lens on Pentax Z-20 film camera

(As above)

Black-shouldered Kite
(Near Southbrook, Queensland,1994)

(As above)

Pacific Baza
(Capalaba, 1995)

Pacific Baza
(Daintree River, North Queensland, 2007)

Whistling Kite
(South-eastern Queensland, beach, 2008)

Whistling Kite attacked by Australian Magpie
(Toorbul, Queensland, 2008)

Eastern Osprey
(Toorbul, 2008)

Australian Hobby
(Toowoomba cemetery 2007)

Australian Hobby
(Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 1999)

Nankeen Kestrel (Also known as Australian Kestrel)
Jan Juc, Victoria, January 1992 or 93.

The camera was a Pentax K1000 with Sigma 70-250mm zoom lens. The film was Kodak Gold 100.

Black Falcon
(Toowoomba 2006)