November in Niigata

I'm very excited to announce my new book published by Blurb. It's called "November in Niigata" You can see a link to it above or you can click: November in Niigata

In November, I imagine the streets of my hometown Toowoomba lined with beautiful blooming Jacaranda trees, but Niigata is a very different story. Within weeks the trees go from green, to yellow and red, then completely bare. I always enjoy taking a walk and beholding the leaves whether on the trees or at my feet. This book is a collection of four years of photographs taken at just a few wonderful places in Niigata. There are just a few words as I just want to show the sights. 

At this time, I am yet to see the printed copy and am waiting for my own orders to arrive. I will let you know if I'm happy with the results when they arrive. 

I'm very grateful to Blurb for allowing me such a great resource and I've designed the book to be printed in a large format with their highest quality photo paper. I admit it's a tad expensive but I trust we get what we pay for. 

I have used three different camera bodies and several high-end lenses and am hoping it will best speak for itself. 


A Dash Along the Shinano


Shinano River, Niigata, Japan

November 3, 2015

Some "Wabi Sabi" from alongside the Shinano River, Niigata, Japan.

We had a National Holiday today, Culture Day. Maybe the colours and atmosphere make it my favourite time in Niigata, but we have to be quick. The leaves are falling quickly and it will be grey and dull soon. Just saw some distant gulls but no bird pics today.