Sunny at Sakata


Niigata, Japan

December 3, 2017

Yesterday Keiko, Jonah, and Luke kindly took me to Sakata. It was sunny but very cool when we got there. It was nice to see plenty of waterfowl out on the water including Smew, Eurasian Teal, Mallard, Northern Shovelers and maybe more. 

I mostly enjoyed seeing long legged birds such as egrets, Grey Herons and the very delightful Oriental Stork.

Raptors included Black-eared Kites, a very pale headed Eurasian Harrier, and several other normal harriers.

Later, we went to a farmers market and I bought some rice before we headed to a cafe for coffee and gelato. 

Wish we could do it again tomorrow!

Thanks guys!

Little Egret

Tundra Swans

Grey Heron

Oriental Stork

Great White Egret

Bull-headed Shrike

Egrets til Dusk

Egrets at roost

Niigata, Japan

September 16, 2012

Yesterday Mr Honma took me to a roosting area for egrets. There seemed to be at least 3 kinds: Great, Intermediate and Little Egrets as well as a sprinkling of herons, including Grey and Striated.

We were there from just after 4 til just after 6. It's getting darker earlier but it's still hot. Today is 35c in Niigata. A good day for posting on a blog.