Russell Gorella


Little Corella + Galah cross

Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia

Another discovery on my outing with Rod Hobson in August. A Little Corella, Galah cross.

It looked like a Galah but the voice was that of a Corella.

Sorry about the post title. There was a running joke in Japan earlier this had to be there...

Real Cricket's Played in Whites

Little Corella

On a cricket field at the University Of Queensland, Gatton Campus

December 30, 2009

A new Australian Ashes series kicks off this week so I'm just trying to get in the mood. These pics were taken from a car window back on December 30, 2009 at the Gatton Campus of the University of Queensland on an outing with Michael Atzeni. The subjects really were on a campus cricket ground. I feel sad now that I only took three non-serious snaps. Living away makes me understand what a beautiful sight these birds are in the wild, gardening in their natural regional cricket setting.

I'm guessing Australia will win this series. 

Red-rumped Parrot
Some One-day riff-raff sneaking in on the outfield.


Black Falcons rounding up Feral Pigeons (Rock Dove)

North-west of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

as seen with Kevin Williams!!

am March 28, 2013

Been so busy lately but wanted to upload these images. Hope to have time to read other blogs soon.

Thanks for visiting.

Black Falcon

...and late one afternoon a couple of days later >

A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo launches as flocks of birds stir with the arrival of some raptor.

Late afternoon, Near Quinalow, Queensland, a few days after watching the Black Falcons.


A couple of Little Corellas following the flock

I saw buckets of birds flocking but only two kestrels were soaring.
A Brown Falcon then appeared

Lots of Little Corellas everywhere but realised after I downloaded
 my pics that this looks like a Long-billed Corella.