A walk around Fukushimagata


Niigata, Japan

May 15, 2016

 It was early summer out there today. I went for bit of a walk around Fukushimagata. Didn't really find anything new. The bird of the day was "Grey Heron". They were everywhere. Also spot-billed Duck and Mallard. A small sprinkling of egrets and other small herons but I didn't take any pics. 

I also saw Oriental Goldfinch, Oriental Reed Warblers, sparrows, Chestnut-cheeked Starlings, and Black-eared Kites. I realised today that I haven't seen Ospreys here for a least 3 years now. They were always here before that during summer. I think the trees are less now.

This Large-billed Crow didn't like me walking near its nest.

Steller no Cry

At 59cm, Large-billed Crows (also known as Jungle Crows, Thick-billed Crows or Japanese Crows) are 5 centimetres bigger than Australian Ravens. In this movie we see them harass an adult Steller's Sea-eagle. We can see and hear the eagle cry-out at one point. Sadly, I just used the Nikon 1 V1 in-built mic with settings for wind reduction so the sound is soft. When I was standing there, it was quite loud and clear. The movie was taken on February 21, 2015 in Niigata, Japan.

I'm sorry, it's not really a nice movie so to cheer you up, below is a photo at a restaurant I recently visited in Niigata City, Japan.