A Hybrid

Hybrid Ferruginous Duck + Common Pochard

Hyoko, Niigata, Japan

January, 2018

It's been very cold the last few weeks and I haven't birded much. I get so tired of falling down. I've heard people have had frozen toilets and showers and taps for days and days. Really different to following the Australian Open Tennis.

These pics were taken earlier in the year in nicer light and conditions. I posted the pics of this hybrid on the Kantori page in Japan and the kind people there confirmed it was a hybrid Ferruginous + Pochard. My birding pal Luke thought of that but I ignored him as he's just starting out. He looks at the details like real birders. I am too abstract.

I just visited my blog for the first time in a while and discovered a number of kind comments. Thank you for that. I will try to brave the conditions and get newer and better shots.

This Whooper Swan gave this poor Common Pochard a hard time. We watched the pochard go under one last time and it didn't seem to come up again. Challenges the idea that swans are so graceful and beautiful.

Common Pochard with leg ring.

Eurasian Wigeon and what seems a borderline hybrid with an American Wigeon. I think it is just a wigeon with shine in its feathers. There have been a couple of American Wigeon the last few years at Hyoko but I'm yet to see them this year.

Little Grebe

Northern Pintail are so common here in the winter but don't you think they're worth a close look?

Little Grebe

Mallard in nice light

Eurasian Wigeon

Oh, Fudge!

Furruginous Duck

Sakata, Niigata, Japan

October 2014

This is a new duck for me. Taken early Autumn last year at Sakata, Niigata. I walked around reeds to have a look at a hidden pool and there it was. I surprised it and just got the above shot, then the below flight shot as it took off. Sad to chop off its wings but happy with it otherwise.

Apparently they are known to birders as "Fudge Ducks", hence my title.

....and it suits the regret about chopping of the wings.

A week later I photographed the ratty looking Eurasian Teal at Fukushimagata. (see below)

Eurasian Teal

Fukushimagata, Niigata, Japan