Osprey (Japan) versus Eastern Osprey (Australia).

  Eastern Osprey, Pandion haliaetus cristatus (Cairns, August 2007)

Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, (Japan - Fukushimagata, Niigata, April 2008).

Have had a handful of close encounters with osprey both in Australia and Japan the last couple of years and thought I'd post some photographs for any keen-eyed observers. Australia's osprey is now classified as "Eastern Osprey" - Pandion haliaetus cristatus, while as far I know Japan's version remains, "Osprey" - Pandion haliaetus. I'm sure there's more to the latter and I will add to this when I find more information. I hope some of the photos are useful in comparing the two. (The Japanese name for osprey is "Mi-sa-go"). 

 Above and below: Eastern Osprey (Cairns, August 2007)

Above: Osprey (Japan - Fukushimagata, Niigata, April 2008)

Below: Eastern Osprey, (Toorbul, Queensland, September 2008)

 Above: Eastern Osprey, (again at Toorbul, September 2008) and below, again Osprey (Fukushimagata, April 2008).

Osprey (Sakata, Niigata, March 2010).

Both look like osprey to me but I can't tell one from the other only that I know where I was when I encountered them. Varying conditions make the recorded images different as well regardless of location.

Osprey, (Fukushimagata, Niigata, April 2008)

Australian Raptors

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment, 2008)

Grey Goshawk
(Toowoomba escarpment 2008)

Square-tailed Kite, (Oakey 1995)
 Square-tailed Kite
 (Oakey 1995)

Wedge-tailed Eagle
(Bunya Mountains National Park, 2006)

Wedge-tailed Eagle harassed by Australian Magpie
(Upper Lockyer Valley, Queensland, 2008)

Brown Goshawk (Immature)
(Toowoomba cemetery, 1995)

-Photographed with a Tamron 500mm mirror lens on Pentax Z-20 film camera

(As above)

Black-shouldered Kite
(Near Southbrook, Queensland,1994)

(As above)

Pacific Baza
(Capalaba, 1995)

Pacific Baza
(Daintree River, North Queensland, 2007)

Whistling Kite
(South-eastern Queensland, beach, 2008)

Whistling Kite attacked by Australian Magpie
(Toorbul, Queensland, 2008)

Eastern Osprey
(Toorbul, 2008)

Australian Hobby
(Toowoomba cemetery 2007)

Australian Hobby
(Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 1999)

Nankeen Kestrel (Also known as Australian Kestrel)
Jan Juc, Victoria, January 1992 or 93.

The camera was a Pentax K1000 with Sigma 70-250mm zoom lens. The film was Kodak Gold 100.

Black Falcon
(Toowoomba 2006)