Two Shots for the Weekend

Barn Swallows

Shirone, Niigata, Japan

June 9, 2018

Here are just two shots from this weekend, which  I thought were worth showing. Thanks to Luke and Jonah for showing me the Tiger Shrike. 

I was also happy to see many swallow nests under the shop awnings in the streets of Shirone. Many of the stores there have made special platforms for swallows to nest and I even stepped into a piece of newspaper especially placed beneath a nest to catch whatever falling debris there may be. I'm such a Mr Bean.

Tiger Shrike


Niigata, Japan

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Peregrine Falcon

Fukushimagata, Niigata, Japan

September 18, 2017

It's been a while since I posted some birds on this blog. I rediscovered over the weekend that walking around and photographing birds makes me happy. I should do more of it. We all should.

Black-crowned Night Heron


Great Crested Grebe

Hyoko, Niigata, Japan

September 19, 2017

Common Kingfisher

Barn Swallow

Great White Egret  (above) framed by Eastern Cattle Egrets, except maybe the one on the right?

Oriental Turtle Dove

Great Crested Grebes in winter attire

Swifts and Terns

White-winged Tern

Sakata, Niigata, Japan

June 4, 2016

Had a scarce bird outing on Saturday and Sunday and found some scarce birds to match. I think these were White-winged Terns. At first I thought they were Black Terns but I think the contrasts are more likely to be White-wings. Both are scarce in Japan.

I also had some swifts that came overhead for a couple of minutes. It was quite gusty and challenging for the D7100 and AF-S 80-400mm to keep up. I was so frustrated with the buffer of the camera. Every time a bird was coming towards me I'd start firing when in range but the camera would freeze after 3 shots. I really need to convince my wife that I need a D500. On Sunday I went back with the D800 and found it was much better but I didn't get close enough for any decent shots.

There were two pods of terns on both days. The more common-usual, Little Terns and White-winged terns took turns in their groups to pass over the lake. The rarer bird seemed shyer and rarely came over close. 

Little Tern

Pacific Swift

Barn Swallow

Tsubame Swallow

Barn Swallow

"Tsubame" - Japanese

Sakata, Niigata, Japan

June 7, 2015

Beautiful weather today and I went on a nice bike ride with my mate, Billy. I'm teaching him a little  about birding and we managed to watch this family of swallows for a bit. Actually, there was a lady there first trying to get the same shots. A very nice start to summer.