Double-barred Finch

Abberton, South-east Queensland, Australia

March 25, 2013

Some pictures of Double-barred Finch as seen at Abberton last year.

Cute little birds. Always a wonderful sight. Very glad to get these pics.

Thanks again to Kay and Kevin taking me to visit Bill and Eileen at Abberton.


Red-backed Fairy-Wren


Abberton, Helidon, Queensland, Australia

March 25, 2013

(Click on the pictures for a closer view)

When I was little I was told not to play under the house because of "red-backs". Of course, the only red-backs I knew of then were the dangerous little spiders. These days, I'm more familiar with these beautiful little fairy-wrens.

These pictures were taken back on March 25, when Kay and Kevin too me to visit Bill and Eileen. 

It was a fortunate time for the wildlife. Everything was recovering from rain and grasses and trees were thick and rich.

Thank you to all for letting me visit. I enjoyed walking around looking for birds while everyone else was hard working. Oh, well. Somebody has to be lookout.

I have some more pictures that I'll post later.

I recommend having a look at the Abberton website.

Bill explained how the males find a small clearing down low
so they can spread their wings and flutter about
and the girls can see their pretty red-parts.

Trying to get closer to a girl.


At first this was ID'd as a "Salmon-striped Frog" however, it has now been confirmed as a "Cane Toad"

Eastern Water Dragon

also known as Australian Water Dragon (Wikipedia)