TBO Australian Raptor Flash Guide 2008 pdf file

Toowoomba Bird Observers Australian Raptor Flash Guide 2008
(image only - download pdf below)

Stooping down deeply through my files I failed to find the latest folder for these raptor guides. I made these 10 years ago for the Toowoomba Bird Observers and they were available on their website.

I contacted Michael Atzeni who provided these pdfs to me.

Most of the pictures were created on film and date back to the 1990s. (January, 1992 for the kestrel in flight top right)

Thank you to TBO members for your input. For rare species I hadn't photographed myself or found in the club, I contacted kind and creative people through Birdforum.  Of course today's images are much better than my old ones, but I still think this is worth keeping and I would like it to be available to new birders. It's not technical but I think we can get a gist from the shapes and colours.

I had it in my mind to make a complete collection of Australian raptors at the end of the 1980s, but I wandered off. Even when I made this, I had the idea that I would update it every year with better pictures. One day.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supplied your treasured photographs. I look at them with love and admiration now as I did when I first received them.

There is a heading page and 4 pages of Australian raptor photographs. I hope you will find this useful for your personal interest and for education.
Download the printable pdfs here.