Sekiya Beach

Blue Rock Thrush


Sekiya Beach, Niigata, Sea of Japan, Japan

November 12, 2017

I rarely visit the seaside, but decided to try something new. It was dull in the morning with strong winds but it was refreshing and dramatic. I had an exciting encounter with a young peregrine that shot over my shoulder to take on a crow. The crow's mate decided it wasn't right and counter attacked and the falcon came back my way. Sadly, I had just reduced the shutter speed to photograph a Blue Rock Thrush. The shutter speed wasn't high enough for a peregrine at full speed so I only got some reluctant keepers. Motion blur around the face ruins them if you pixel peep.

The sun came out later and I enjoyed watching the waves but I struggled to get close to the male Blue Rock Thrush. It was I nice change from my usual spots so I'll have to give it another go sometime.

Peregrine Falcon

Blue Rock Thrush