Remarkable Kestrels

Common Kestrel

Cement Factory, Shinano River, Niigata, Japan

July 1-7, 2017

We had some disappointing news to start June off. I was looking forward to seeing the Northern Goshawk family, however, apparently they had a battle with crows at the beginning of May and the crows destroyed the nest and eggs. I usually have some nice freshly fledged goshawk pics for the blog, but not this year.

Further disappointment was had with the Peregrine pair I know. Weekly watches have failed to find any signs of nesting success.

The best news for the last month (as far as raptors go) has been with the Common Kestrels at the cement factory alongside the Shinano River. I have been watching them since 2005. The last couple of seasons were challenging but this year three young birds have looked very healthy. If I wait around for a bit I can get to see them have a game of cat and mouse. Interesting that all the photos I have here are females, even though taken on different days.