White Bellies

White-bellied Sea-eagles

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia

August 9, 2016

When you don't expect it, expect it. We were walking around feeding kangaroos at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary when I heard lots of bird alarms and the birds started scattering. I looked up and saw the above pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles as they charged in overhead. Unfortunately, I had my camera settings set for close-ups of captive kangaroo and wasn't prepared for action. The eagles went right over us then started circling behind a big tree. I was calling out to the people around me and a young woman was grateful that I pointed them out and took some pics too. The last thing you expect to see at the zoo are wild animals. Just shows you how great Australia is!

The third one was a youngish one

Eastern Grey Kangaroos, a Rock Dove, and an Australian Wood Duck