Oriental Stork

Oriental Stork

Niigata, Japan

October 30, 2016

The Oriental Stork became extinct in Japan in the 1970s and a captive breeding program was commenced with a pair brought in from China. 

Globally, the Oriental Stork can be found in China and Siberia with an estimated population of just one to two and a half thousand according to the Birdlife International factsheet.

You can see this one has rings around its legs and is fitted with a transmitter. I hope if finds somewhere to go for winter which is quickly coming.

Mr Honma kindly took me to see this and he drove me around stubbornly until he found it. There was no way we were going home without it. 

If I have a win on the Melbourne Cup I'd like to buy him a new pair of binoculars. He only has half a pair, but he says, "It's good enough".