On the Road


Black-striped Wallaby

In the care of Judith and Brendon Gray

Jarowair, Queensland, Australia

Check their blogs Beyond Our Patch and Jarowair Our Patch

August 10, 2016

This spectacular little joey is a Black-striped Wallaby. Sadly, her mum was killed on the road, but she was rescued from her pouch and handed into care.

If you ever hit any kind of animal in Australia, it is good to check their condition. Of course, you mustn't panic and only pull over when and where it is safe to do so. In the case of many marsupials, there is often young in their pouch so please try to check.

If you find anything injured or orphaned please hand it in to the nearest vet. They will be able to give it any medical care and hand it over to a trusted wildlife carer. Don't try to look after wild animals yourself.

Black-striped Wallabies have a limited range and are only found in thick undergrowth of the western sides of the Great Dividing Range on eastern Australia. 

Hopefully beautiful, little Maisy will be raised successfully and released back into suitable habitat.

Thank you to Judith Gray for introducing me to Maisy.


Wedge-tailed Eagle

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia

Link: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

August 9, 2016

"Spirit" is a male Wedge-tailed Eagle in the care of Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. He is about 12 years old now but he has spent most of his life in the care of Lone Pine. Spirit is also a road victim. He is one of the stars of the raptor flight show but he is unable to fly due to a badly broken wing.

If you find any dead animals on the road it is good to remove them completely from the road. Pull them well to the side if you can. Eagles and other raptors are often hit when scavenging on the roads.  

Recently, I have found other stories about wildlife victims on Australian roads. Check out this and read about Apollo.

Drive safely and care about the lives around you.

I hope you will thrill at seeing such animals roaming and flying free.