Little Baby Birdy

White Wagtail

Niigata City, Japan

July, 2016

Went out for a walk with my old D300 the day after my last post and found this baby Wagtail. I also used the old Nikkor 80-400 VR. The lens was released in 2000 and boasted Nikon's first attempt at image stabilisation. I didn't get it until 2010 after waiting yonks for the updated version. (It came in 2013). I can't believe my D300 is already 9 years old. I love the build quality. It's sad that I just can't put a new sensor in it. These pics were at ISO800 to 1000. It was very late in the day and in shadows. I scrubbed up the noise a bit with a tad "sharpened". 

Bic Camera is offering 17 000 yen trade in for a D300 for the new D500 ($200aus) It was originally over two grand. The same price as the D500. I think I'll keep it. The kit is very compact.