Goshawks 2016

Northern Goshawks

Niigata, Japan

June 19, 2016

Mr Honma and I went for a quick look at the goshawk nest this morning. I have been impatiently wanting to check it out but we have been waiting for the chicks to leave the nest.   We were a bit early with two just out of the nest and one still in the nest. I only spent about four minutes to capture the female and chick in the nest. The mum obviously didn't like attention so we left them alone to spend some time getting portraits of a single fledgling about 50 metres away. 

These pics are heavily cropped from the D800.

I also found the Kestrels along the Shinano River with 3 fledglings a couple of weeks ago. I got so-so pics but will post a brief story about them later.