10 years on....

Sea-eagles off the shore of Rausu, Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Japan

February 25, 2006

Ten years ago today I enjoyed a boat ride off shore of Rausu, Hokkaido, Shiretoko, Japan. My photos are looking old now but I'm still grateful for the experience.

At 10:20am on February 25, 2006 this adult Steller's Sea-eagle passed by me at the back of the boat. This is frame 1.

This is the second frame. My heart got sucked up into my throat as my camera lost focus.

Pentax *ist DS and Pentax AF ED 400mm f5.6

I'm sorry to bore you. I know by now you know this is still my favourite picture. This is the third frame. I gritted my teeth and the camera just recaptured focus as the eagle passed.This is unedited and uncropped.

The last frame of the encounter. There was no going back.

White-tailed Sea-eagles feeding.