Trumpet Manucode

Trumpet Manucode

Cape York, Queensland, Australia

October 17, 2012

For Peter

This is my only photo of a Trumpet Manucode. The Trumpet Manucode is a secretive bird of rainforests in northern Cape York in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. It is so-called because of the bellowing call of the male.

As you can see they like to stay within the leaves and I struggled to get this poor shot. I took this on my tour with Kirrama Tours back in 2012. After I got this shot, I was fumbling around reviewing my attempts on the back LCD of my camera and apparently the bird came out and showed itself just for a second. All the team sighed and the leader Klaus scolded me for looking at my camera when I should have been watching the bird. Skilful at finding all birds, Klaus always ensured that each of our team managed good views before we moved on. I regret I am a novice much of the time.