Jack Be Nifty

Peregrine Falcon harassed by Large-billed Crow

Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan

February 14, 2015

Last week I took a movie of a Steller's Sea-eagle being bothered by Large-billed Crows. This week it was a Peregrine's turn.

Actually I was lucky to get these shots and would have missed the falcon if the crows hadn't cried out.

We visited Nagaoka and I took a brief walk near the Shinano River and I was excited to spot a White-tailed Eagle in the distance with my binoculars. I was engrossed in the eagle and ignoring everything around me, when I heard the crows behind me. I spun round to see them chasing an Eastren Buzzard then pass it off to move onto this Peregrine. Again, raptors everywhere. Nice for an hour's birding.

I'm pleased with my D7100 thus far. It caught on to the birds quickly despite their speed. If I had a concern it's the buffer. It's supposed to take 6 frames a second but the buffer seems to be full just after 3 raw shots. It's a nifty little camera though, at half the weight of the D800. I guess I have to be choosy when to take the shots.