The Boobook of Domville

Southern Boobook

Domville State Forest, Queensland, Australia

October 1, 2014

I had a wonderful opportunity when I was invited by Rod Hobson to volunteer on a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service survey of Domville State forest. I was pretty hopeless as a contributor but thoroughly enjoyed seeing beautiful Australian bush. Thank you to Rod and all those involved. 

I was very excited to see this male Boobook who was concerned about his quiet day being disturbed. We didn't bother him for too long but I'd never seen one in the daylight before. 

One missed chance was getting better shots of the grass trees. I carried landscape lenses with me everywhere but took them out of my bag that day to lighten the load. One of the problems with being a gear-head. Most of the grass tree photos were taken with my near retro iPhone 4s.

I've included a shot of the "Super Moon" which I photographed in Toowoomba back in August. The pic seemed to fit in with the other pictures in this post.

Supermoon on August 13, 2014 as seen from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia