The Jewel

Australian Hobby

Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

March 1994

This is another old photograph taken at Westgate Park, Port Melbourne in 1994. It was taken with my Pentax K1000 and a Takumar 400mm 5.6 lens with an added Kenko 2x teleconverter and print film.

I bought the Takumar lens at a camera store in Melbourne for $129. It rattled a lot and the front element was loose. Of course it was all manual and the aperture ring didn't work. The photo was taken hand-held and I had to stomp on the ground to get the hobby to look at me.

I visited the park almost everyday and I think the hobby was used to me pointing my camera at it. I saw the same birds there most days.

In his book, "Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of Australia", David Hollands says "If there is a jewel among the Australian hawks it is the hobby". 

There are some remarkable raptors in Australia but I wouldn't argue with Dr Hollands. I love hobbies.