Goshawk Family 2014

Northern Goshawk

Niigata City,  Japan

Newly fledged

June 28, 2014

This year Northern Goshawks raised three young in a park in Niigata City. I don't know which park. I was taken there blind-folded. (Not really, but I pretend)

The place has been kept quiet to avoid buckets of tripods and smokers from loitering beneath the nest but I heard the news has spread and there were indeed numerous cameras visiting every day.

I visited just twice so far; a 90 minute visit one morning a couple of weeks ago after I heard they'd fledged, then another for about an hour last Sunday afternoon.

I followed the progress of the nest via telephone; a 'friend who knows someone'. I've decided to stay away from pointing my lens at active nests as much as possible.

I hope they stay at the site next year.

These pics were with my Nikon D300. I sent my D800 off for service on June 7. More about that another time.

Adult and below

A present from an adult

I think it is the adult female on the left and the three young

June 5, 2014

Nikon D300 with AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm VR @1/80 of a second handheld

Adult female is an impressive raptor