Random Shots

Fukushimagata, Niigata, Japan

February 22, 2014 

Decided to go out for a big walk at Fukushimagata today. We're having a mild winter compared to normal years. The rest of Japan is copping it, but as you can see there is little snow here. It's usually the other way around. I still had to cover myself up. Most days have had a maximum of 3c but apart from some light snow squalls are pretty fine.

It was good to get out on my feet after being held up indoors at work. I actually felt that I wasn't seeing or photographing much but am pretty happy with my bag now that I've looked inside. 

My feet are killing me now.

Bean Geese

Numbers seem to be decreasing every year.

The regular peregrine I refer to as "the Peales"

Every now and then the birds of the water would stir up an flock and I'd just take random shots. Here I just caught an adult goshawk at the lower left. I didn't see when it was live. Just too many things going around.


Eastern Marsh Harrier

Black-eared Kite

I found a possible Eurasian Spoonbill in the collection once I downloaded my files. They are quite rare here.

Something stirred up these Lapwings behind me then I went around the corner and found the 'Peales' on the wing, as below.


It doesn't seem to mind the several photographers with big lenses on tripods pointing right at it every time I visit.
Even returning to where they are standing.

I thought this might be a Vega Gull but I have no idea really. Sadly I take a lot of pictures of gulls in Niigata but I remain gull-blind as to what they are.
Any advice is most welcome. Thank you!!