Curious Cormorants

Grey Heron arrives behind an Eastern Great White Egret (I hope)

Sakata, Niigata, Japan

November 23, 2013

Looked for birds on Saturday morning at Sakata and again at Fukushimagata briefly yesterday afternoon (Sunday). 

At Sakata we saw lots of Great Cormorant, Spot-billed Duck, Mallard, Eurasian Teal and Whooper Swan but didn't get any better pics than the two here of Grey heron and Great White Egret. To be honest I'm complacent around Egrets as there are heaps in Niigata and in South-east Queensland where I do most of my birding, so I don't really study one from another so I hope I called this one ok? We also saw distant raptors, being, Northern Goshawk (young one), Eastern Buzzard, Eastern Harrier, and Black-eared Kite. Plus some sparrows.

Fukushimagata listed 1600 Bean Goose and 1600 Whooper Swan on their noticeboard for the day. We also heard we missed a single White-tailed Sea-eagle seen earlier in the day. I had a nice view of a young Northern Goshawk sitting in a tree with an Eastern Harrier but my camera was too weak for a decent shot. A guy with a 500 f4 showed me his LCD screen leaving me a bit envious. Anyway I had a good look through a scope.  "L"

Actually the forecast for yesterday was for rain in the morning but it was a pearler all day so we had a nice unplanned outing.

Happy to see the cricket going along as I expected as well.

I'm guessing the "white-bellied" cormorant is a juvenile.
It looked larger and different to the others but I'm assuming all are Great Cormorants.
Reminds me of Pied Cormorant from home.
Wish I could get closer and it was sticking its face into itself so much.

Fukushimagata, Niigata.

November 24, 2013

Bean Geese

Above and below: typical afternoon views of Fukushimagata.