Variegated Fairy-wren

Upper Lockyer, Queensland, Australia

2008-9? Maybe early 2009, January?

This beautiful little Fairy-wren is found right across Australia. This male was photographed in Upper Lockyer, south-east Queensland, so I think it is of the race Malurus lamberti.

Back in Niigata, last Saturday, October 5th, some friends and I went hoping to find migrating raptors at Yamamoto Mountain in Ojiya. Sadly, we didn't see any as I think we were too late in the season. We saw one swift flutter by but I haven't Identified it. According to the web, there were 300 raptors seen passing the mountain back on the morning of September 18th. Last year, I think I went about that time but I was too early! 

Anyway, hope this little Fairy-wren makes up for a poor Japanese raptor report.

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