The Forgotten Post

Eurasian Teal male

Also known as Common Teal

Anas Crecca

Sakata, Niigata, Japan


I found a folder in my documents with these edited pics from 2010. I think I prepared them to post on this blog but forgot all about them. Anyway, I realised it's a while since I posted anything from Japan so here goes. I have some new pics from the last month but am too lazy to download them (Sorry, soon).

Eurasian Teal will come in good numbers from next month and spend the winter in Niigata (Hopefully and if the world doesn't end). They are quite wild but some will surprisingly allow close observation as demonstrated with these pics taken at the Sakata wetlands in Niigata with Nikon D300 and 300f4 lens.

By the way, thank you for your comments, however, I'm not sure if they'll disappear without my control as seems to be what has happened with comments on some recent posts. I had 12 on the last post but then there were just 2 and another time I checked there were zero. Yet, I just checked again and there were 4. (Something wrong with them loading, maybe?) I have the blog set to receive comments from Google + but wanted to go back to the old form. However, once I tried that and all the comments from the year disappeared. What a bother. I do enjoy checking your comments. Thanks and hope to hear from you.