Common Eurasian Kestrel

Common Eurasian Kestrel adult male

Falco tinnunculus

Niigata City, Niigata, Japan

May-June 2013

This has been the ninth season for me to watch the same pair of Common Kestrels raise a family in Niigata City. They have always been successful, and this year they raised 4!

One afternoon at the end of May, I saw the male return 3 times in 50 minutes with prey, all birds, most likely sparrows. I was worried as things quietened down for a bit. I only visited briefly two or three times a week and watched as they protected their territory against cats and crows. One afternoon the male was very upset while attacking a cat. I didn't see him for almost a week after that, but then suddenly the quiet period ended with new birds flapping their wings.

They mostly seem to prey on sparrows and swallows. 

I hope I will see a tenth season!

adult female

two young

Four fledglings