Mt Mowbullan

View from Mount Mowbullan 

Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland, Australia

April 2, 2013

I remember getting out of the car and running around here when I was a kid.... (On a cold, windy August afternoon) I seem to visit the same spot every couple of years or so. Maybe this time, it was four years in-between...

If you stop there, you have to get out and look at the horizon. After a few minutes, somebody else will stop and do the same. 

It is the highest peak (About 1100 metres) of the Bunya Mountains National Park. A beautiful place boasting the world's biggest collection of Bunya Pines.

young Wedge-tailed Eagle

I was very excited to see the Bunyas had gotten a new eagle.
I saw her about the place with two mature black adults but she was pale and very new.

Into the sun...

Above and below:
The same view photographed in March, 2006 with Pentax Optio

March, 2006

Grey Goshawk at Mt Mowbullan ...

Maybe 2002! Old scan from slide film.

Camera: Pentax Z-1 with Pentax smc ED 400mm f5.6