Big Eagles Japan

This is to announce the availability of my new book, Big Eagles Japan. (Actually, my wife's too -she took some of the pictures at Shiretoko and actually arranged to whole trip)

It's not just something I did overnight and I'd like to explain more through he following timeline:

2003  I developed an interest in Syllabus Design for ESL and I've always wanted to publish my photographs and realised it would be nice to incorporate my photos in beautiful materials for ESL. 

2005 and 2006    I began collecting swan pictures and visited Shiretoko.  I bought expensive software and  began making posters for schools I visited in Niigata. 

2006 - 2008   I was well into my project, then called "Swans and Eagles for the Communicator". At one stage I had over 360 pages and very red eyes. I had to cut it right down for a meeting at a publishers in Australia in 2008. Even with just 80 pages I was told that to self publish it, it would cost $20000au. I was drained and put it on a shelf.

2009    I started this blog.

2012   Still with the book files all over my computer, I decided to have another look into publishers last year and discovered Blurb. I decided to cut the original idea down into two different but related books. So I've finally finished the last draft. 

I'm sorry to my patient followers who must be tired of my same old Shiretoko pictures but this book was my original plan. I started this blog when I was tired of thinking about publishing my book. I am so happy I did, however. I really enjoy the visitors it gets and it's great to share here. 

That is not to say that the book is old or tired. I think I may never better my pictures from Shiretoko in February 2006 and I have carefully constructed the books. I hope both the books are exciting and interesting to ESL/EFL users and to native English speakers. (It is in British English, however)

I am happy that I have a Japanese friend who is helping his grandchildren with their English studies and he thinks my materials are great for Japanese children. I have friends in Oz as well who are excited to show white swans and snow to Australian children. 

Big Eagles Japan is available and an eBook for Apple devices and in print. I have made three print versions available: Be sure to check if there is Blurb in your country before you pay for postage!! It is available internationally however.

Softcover and plain paper about $35, (American dollars)

Hardcover with the best proline photographic paper and linen cover and high quality end sheets. For the collector! About $75 big ones.

and Imagewrap with nice lustre paper. I think this is a nice durable version for children - $54.

I hope both of the books are great introductions to the world of ornithology. If whoever reads this new one finishes it, then runs around their home flapping their arms about like a big eagle, I have succeeded. 

Please let me know your ideas and thoughts. I look forward to them.

I have also had an exciting encounter with a waxwing and will post about it soon.