Tortoises on the Rocks (UPDATED)

Brown-eared Bulbul

Junsai-ike, Niigata, Japan
May 13, 2012

Nikon 1 V1 + FT1+ Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm VR 

UPDATE: Thank you to IsuzuGeek and Mick Atzeni for confirming that these ‘turtles’ are Red-eared Sliders. I was happily greeted to the new day (May 16th) with a comment from IsuzuGeek (check below) and an email from Mick (with links to this and ...this). I was excited to find out what they are, but a little disappointed to find they are an introduced species. (They are from the United States). Anyway, I have been able to add Red-eared Slider to my TAGS on this blog and have been given a flag to further lead me. I have found this link to a webpage on TURTLES of Japan and found their Japanese name is “Mississippi-Aka-Mimi-Game”. (Is that easy to say in a sentence?) Of puzzlement to me however, was that they are “Turtles”. They looked like Tortoises to me! I learned when I was a kid that “turtles had flippers and tortoises had claws”……This is apparently of the Australian view and dialect and differs to both British and American definitions for colloquial use, as outlined at this Wikipedia page. Other pages I found give cloudy definitions of ‘turtle vs tortoise’. It’s good to keep learning. What I thought of as a mediocre post as been a nice lesson for me. Thanks again, Mick and IsuzuGeek and to all who keep me honest in viewing this blog.

Original post below:

What do birdwatchers do on Mother's Day? Why, go birdwatching of course!
Had another quiet birding outing yesterday, this time at Junsai-ike. I failed getting a male Narcissus Flycatcher and was told about the presence of a female Mugimaki Flycatcher but didn't see it. All the birders we met talked of the quietness for birding. I think there were birds around but they were high up in the canopy. The air was cool but the sun warm. 

All of these pics were with the Nikon V1, FT1 adaptor and the Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm VR. Actually, I enjoyed this light weight combo and think the results are pretty ok. Nice for a walk in the park. 

Last week I walked past a couple of children admiring the green-coloured trees. It is a pretty time now with bright green plants and purple flowers and fine days. Maybe just 4 more months and the green will go away again.

Red-eared Slider

Original post: I'm sorry I don't know what this tortoise is. 

...with Moorhen

Azure-winged Magpie


Above and below: Brown-eared Bulbul

My best Bush Warbler pic for the day.