A place for a walk

Sakura at Toyanogata, Niigata on Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nikon V1 with 10mm f2.8 lens

Haven't done much birding recently. The main bit of birding excitement for me was my first ever Hoopoe sighted at this park two weeks ago. We were told of its presence by another birder and were lucky to find it but it quickly flew off and further search failed to re-find it. I failed to get a photo but it is an unmistakable character and much daintier than I'd expected. It came a few days after a pseudo-typhoon in the Sea of Japan blasted us with 100km an hour winds. A similar but weaker event occurred about four years ago in the same season and I found a pair of Amur Falcons and some Daurian Starlings, (all species from the continent), so I guess it's worth being aware of strange encounters following strange weather. 

I guess a more important occurrence of the birding world has been the hatching of Crested Ibis chicks in the wild on Sado Island this last week.  A species once extinct in the wild -(I'm tired tonight. Can I say it was extinct now that it's back?) Anyway, it is the first such hatching in 36 years (I read on the net). The latest news I could find was at The Daily Yomiuri

Saturday was the only day that was fine last weekend and I took the dog for a walk. Two weeks ago it was snowing and today the blossoms are almost replaced by new green leaves.