As Common as

Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo japonicus -variation of Common Buzzard)
"Raptors of the World" - Ferguson-Lees & Christie
-Princeton Field Guides, 2005.

Also known as Eastern Buzzard (Buteo japonicus)
"Birds of East Asia - China,Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia" -Mark Brazil
-Princeton, 2009.

Photos taken at Hyoko, Niigata, Japan
January 8, 2012

Japanese: Nosuri

Updated: Thanks to John for the comment below!

Went back to Hyoko today. The fourth time in 9 days. This time, however, it was with Mr Honma. I am now just taking heaps of photos of the common birds in Niigata. I took exactly 500 today; swans, ducks and I was excited to get this lucky fly-over of a Common Buzzard. Easily my best shots of this species. After the day had mostly gone at Hyoko we went to Fukushimagata and found that we'd missed a Steller's Sea-eagle. Someone showed me their beautiful photos of the adult eagle sitting in the snow in a rice-field. Niigata only gets one or two Steller's a year so such a visit is akin to royalty. 

But anyway, I'd spent my day with the commoners and was still very happy. I'm happy with my Common Buzzard!