Treasures of Irongate Park

Shining Bronze Cuckoo
Irongate Conservation Park, Pittsworth, Queensland, August 23, 2011

 August 23rd saw Kevin Williams and myself catch up for a spot of bird watching. It'd had been a year since our last outing together and Kevin kindly took me out for a squiz along the country tracks around Gowrie Junction, Oakey and down to the Pittsworth area. As usual, it was a memorable day and I got a nice collection of pics to put up on my blog. (I'll put more up another day)

The last place we ended up was Irongate Conservation Park near Pittsworth. It is a small but neat little nature reserve and it was alive with small birdlife. Actually there were so many cool little birds I'm ashamed I didn't get more pics. There were so many Grey Fantails wagging their tails about but I'm too slow and should have got better results. I remember passing the reserve decades ago and thinking it looked like a mysterious place and am glad I finally visited it. Kevin photographed a Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo.

The most significant find for me for the day was my first Koala in seven years, and I actually got my first digital pics of one. 

There was a time I recall, looking up and deciding whether to use my precious Provia or Velvia slide film on such an inactive subject. I have so many dusty old slides of big round grey lumps stuck in the forks of trees with grey skied backgrounds. (at a dollar a shot) These days however, even if I was in Oz more often, I don't think I'd find them as much as I used to. 

Yellow-faced Honeyeater above and below:


Grey Fantail