Common Kestrel 
(Fukushimagata, June 4, 2011)
Today, I was strolling in the middle of the day at Fukushimagata. I was walking in an area with long grass and reeds all around and was thus surrounded by the calls of warblers, sparrows and finches. Suddenly I realised that with a few chirps, all the small birds were fleeing from the grasses towards a clump of large trees ahead of me. It was obviously evasive action yet I scanned the skies for a predator but saw nothing. An eerie quiet took over the area and it took me another two or three minutes to get up on the road that cut through the trees. Once there I looked up and saw a crow chasing this kestrel towards me. The kestrel was well above the trees but I tried to get focus through the branches and managed to just get two shots in a gap between the trees; the first a little out of focus and this one. It's into the sun and overexposed, but still I think its ok in that we can almost see what it was carrying. I thought it wanted to stop in the trees but I think it saw me, did a left, and faded into a dot over the rice fields. 

I continued past the trees and followed the road for another 50 metres in the direction from which the  kestrel had come. I saw a very young wagtail on the side of the road and one adult. I had seen two adults in the same spot one week ago taking food to a spot in the bank of a waterway next to the road. I wonder if the package the kestrel was carrying was a member of the wagtail family?

White Wagtail, male

White Wagtail, female