A Welcomed Sight.

Blue-and-white Flycatcher

Went to Toyanogata looking for birds yesterday afternoon. The first time in a month. I wasn't really expecting to see much as I had a call from a friend on Wednesday night who goes out a lot and he reported that things had been very quiet: "No Blue-and-white Flycatchers in Niigata this year". - Hence, I was surprised to see one within seconds of my arrival. Got just a couple of shots before he disappeared. Also got a glimpse of a Narcissus Flycatcher but no photos.

Toyanogata parklands. A favoured area for young families.

Further into Toyanogata. A pathway alongside the lake.
Waterbirds to the left and passerines in the trees.

Black-eared Kite with annoying power lines in the background.

Black-eared Kite,  Milvus lineatus

Worn-out Black-eared Kite.

Wisteria has come-out in the last week.