Early Adventures for 2011.

Breeding Cattle Egret. (Gatton, Queensland)

Had a couple of nice outings with some interesting naturalists to start the year off. Rod, Rob, Mick and I scanned around a vast area of the Lockyer Valley on Sunday and then down and around Murphys Creek with Olive and Mick for Monday morning. On and off sunshine was a little challenging to photograph subjects up against clouds but we saw some cool things. I usually overlook Cattle Egrets but we came across a breeding colony and I thought they were quite striking up-close.

...yellow eyes...

...Red eyes... They are all in breeding plumage.

 Wandering Whistling Duck.

We passed by many creeks and lakes that showed the signs of the recent floods. These horses decided the best way to the opposite side of a lake was straight across.

 Young Black-shouldered Kite.

  Yellow-spotted Monitor Varanus panoptes
(Thanks Michael Atzeni) post edit.

First encounter with the above monitor species. His pose was so nice but he turned around when I opened the car door. Rod identified him and informed us that he isn't a common one in the area. Wish I got him in a better pose. I'll chase up the scientific name and add it later...

 Red-backed Fairy-Wren. (male) (Murphys Creek, Monday)

 Superb fairy Wren (male) (Murphys Creek, Monday)

 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. (Murphys Creek, Monday)

Got more shots of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos while they were high up in a tree but a bright cloud behind them made for poor pics. A lifer for me, as far as I can remember. I've mostly found red-tails in the past.

Rainbow Bee-eater. (Murphys Creek Bridge, Monday)

Thanks for the outings everyone!