What's in a Nest?

A retired Wedge-tailed Eagle's nest.

If only nests kept paper records. I wonder how many eaglets had become eagles in the nest pictured above?
Can't believe it's already more than two weeks ago that Kay and Kevin took me to meet Lloyd and Lynne north of Toowoomba. Many thanks also to Lloyd and Lynne for showing us a couple of beautiful Wedge-tailed Eagles nests. Lloyd imformed me that the one in the photo above was used until just three years ago when the tree died. The eagles remained however, and rebuilt right in the tree next to it.

Another view of the same nest. It has become tilted to the right. I'm not a good judge of measurements but I'm sure I can say it is a few metres tall.

Standing back and I can get the two nests in. The one on the left is currently in use and the 'retired' one is more obvious on the right.

 A view of the occupied nest.

Another view of the desserted nest.

Unfortunatley the eagles weren't to be seen when we were visiting but appeared in the distance when we hiked back. Many thanks to Lloyd and Lynne for sharing these views and for the information and for the beaut bickies! A super pleasant late winter morning.

Photographed in the beautiful country north of Toowoomba on the morning of August 21 2010.