The Golden Narcissus.

Narcissus Flycatcher

Golden_Week has come and gone for another year. The ceaseless winter all but passed spring by and we suddenly enjoyed weather typical for late spring and early summer. I enjoyed a variety of things including just three birding occassions. 1. On Saturday, May 1, we went to Nagaoka and Kasabori Dam. 2. We went to Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture, and for the final "golden" day, Thursday May 6th, I went to Junsai-ike and chased  Narcissus Flycatchers. Here in reverse order, are photos from those days...

Thursday May 6th, Junsai-ike.

There were at least two Narcissus Flycatchers with subtle differences. One had richer, darker throat colours and another one appeared to have more of a flat yellow surrounding it's chest, and throat. I found it tricky to get satisfying exposures. (Shadows and bright spots splashed around a contrasty subject in itself. I think if I exposed the face and head of the flycatchers I overexposed their bodies, flattening out their colours too much.)

Blossoms have dropped and been replaced by young leaves.

Monday May 3rd, Fukushima Prefecture...

Looking up at the Aizuwakamatsu castle of Fukushima.

A view from the top of the castle.

The wall crossing the canal around the castle.

After visiting the castle we went to a small but beautiful park in the town and I found nesting Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers. I enjoyed trying to photograph them among the cherry blossoms.

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

Saturday May 1st, Kasabori Dam, Niigata Prefecture...

View across Kasabori Dam from the dam wall.

Looking back behind the wall. Hmmn. Let's go and look in those cherry trees...

Japanese White-eye

..Oh no! It's doing a number 2. I wouldn't like to be standing under it.

...And a Brown-eared Bulbul with a bee to finish with.

It was so nice to have some fine days that were also holidays!