Dull Skies and Rainbows.

Rainbow Lorikeet

It’s almost ten years ago when I was teaching English in Tokyo. I remember a student; a young woman, 25 who had been working in Tokyo for seven years. She lived in another prefecture next to Tokyo and commuted in and out every day on crowded trains and subways six days a week. Two and a half hours in the morning and again another two and a half hours back to her home in the evening. I was impressed that she still found time to study English after work but was well aware that she was gaunt with dark circles under her eyes and traces of eczema on her wrists and neck. I asked her why she studied English and she strongly insisted she wanted to go to Sydney. I was curious as to why she wanted to go to Sydney in particular. Her answer, “I need to see a colourful bird.” (She had seen a documentary on TV)

I imagined she was talking about Rainbow Lorikeets.

All photographs on a rainy morning at Upper Lockyer, Queensland, December 2009.