A Fleeting Visit to Oz

Enjoyed a fleeting visit to Australia in August 2009. 12 busy days. (Above) Australian or Nankeen Kestrel near Southbrook, Darling Downs, Queensland.

Above and below: Black-shouldered Kite near Southbrook, Darling Downs.

(Above and below)
Galah, also near Souhbrook.

Above and below: Two views overlooking the canopy of the Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland.

Above and below: A Crimson Rosella challenges the effectiveness of using my binoculars on a tripod.

Below: A female Superb Fairy Wren at the Bunya Mountains.

Above and below: Staff members -Two views of a pair of Red-necked Wallabies at the Bunya Mountains.

A male Satin Bowerbird sits briefly on a fence post in the shadows. (Bunya Mountains)

Below: A male Yellow-throated Scrubwren lands briefly in the dark of the forest.

Above and two photos below: Easy photographic subjects. Laughing Kookaburras at the Bunya

Below: I'd prepared a large flash for night-spotting along the Mossman River in north Queensland. It was overkill for the close-ups I should have prepared for. This is a Net-casting Spider waiting for something to walk beneath him. Net ready!

Below: A dragonfly sleeps along the Mossman River. Don't know what kind. Barry please help!

Below: Quite a few Brown Bandicoots but they're were fast footed passers-by. (Mossman River)

Two Below: Black Kites can be seen around the sugar cane. (Mossman)
This is Milvus migrans. Not to be confused with my photos of the Japanese, "Black-eared Kite", Milvus lineatus

Saw several Brahminy Kites north of Cairns. This one on the road kill was just north of Mossman.