"Tombo". Japanese Dragonflies.

1. "Tombo" is the Japanese word for Dragonfly. It is the start of the "Tombo" season now and I've managed a few shots over the last week. I didn't get all that I've seen but I hope to get more as the season progresses. Unfortunately, I don't know their names as yet and will just number each picture for now and hopefully update the names as I learn them.

# 2. Toyano Lagoon.

# 3. Toyano Lagoon, Niigata.
Many thanks to my friend, Barry Kenway for identifying #3 as
"looking exactly like a male Pseudothemis zonata. It belongs to the family Libellulidae (Perchers)". (Barry's reference: a book called Dragonflies of the World by Jill Silsby).
#3 still? In flight.

# 3- female, laying eggs.

#3 laying eggs on a stick just under the water's surface.

# 4. Toyano Lagoon.

#5. Toyano Lagoon.

#6. Toyano Lagoon.
Rhyothemis fulginosa - Identified by Barry Kenway. Thanks Barry!

#7. Quite large. The first one I photographed. Alongside the Shinano River.